Let’s Ride!

I wanna ride the roads 

of no return, it’s fun to take 

road trips with friends and family 

where were going? Who cares just 

sit back and we can go anywhere

come along and take that free ride 

with me



All girls gotta love pink 

it’s like our most favorite 

color Victoria used it to make 

us look good and we use it for 

our beast to make us feel stronger

maybe we can add a little berry to it 

every now and then, pink is the thing

don’t you think?

Thick is Beautiful! 

With your body shaped 

like a pear honey you are pretty

do not be intimidated by these 

skinny girls for they wished they 

had your body remember even 

though you have meat on them 

bones you are not fat, never call 

yourself that you are beautiful

Flyer: My Cult, JOIN NOW!      Hey you! I see you I gotta question for you, have you ever wanted to belong somewhere? Or find a little gathering to join to make it feel like home? Well come join my cult it’s fun we do all kinds of things like sit in blood, slice our hands as a sacrifice to our God aka me and do dances just for fun. Ok…so here’s what you gotta do just leave out your house and shake your booty and that’s how we find you. So come join now, your going to have so much fun and you will love it, for more info call 


The Psychic Mind 

Psychopath they called me 

crazy they like to say,

as I rock back and forth 

my mind riding like a 

roller coaster in my head, won’t nobody

help me I feel so alone I’m sinking

on my own thoughts I don’t know 

what to think, I want to kill you

but can’t reach you, so 

I’ll just sit and stay 

not bothering anybody

Kitchen Guardian Angel 

I will make sure your cooking 

everything right, so your house 

can be okay and wonderful, I make

sure the spirit always tells you that 

your pie is in the oven don’t let it burn

please don’t worry for I am your

kitchen angel making sure that 

everything taste and smells good 

My Teddy Bear

My teddy you are my friend

mom brought you so 

I won’t be so along, I took you 

everywhere and always made 

sure you had your seat belt on

your hugs were so harm and you

gave me so much love, I will keep

you forever and never replace you

There is a Monster Under My Bed!     I believed when I was a young kid thinking they would be monsters in my closet and in my bed. My daddy would read me bedtime stories on monsters not to put fear in my eyes but to teach me a lesson, that there is no such thing and you got to conquer your fears. Stop being afraid and try to get over your fears because it would help you get though life, that message sticks with me in my heart everyday until then and now 

All Money Ain’t Good

I’ll sell my soul for a couple 

of bucks if you give it to me

for a couple of hundreds you can 

sleep with me, for a 

couple of thousands and millions

honey we can get married, don’t worry

about me I’m alright as long as I get paid 

and your satisfied it’s ok with me…sometimes