I Got You Baby!    So I met this guy right? And he was pretty rich,cute and sexy he worked for billion dollar companies and the checks would be rolling in. He would give me whatever I wanted and go places where I wanted to go, he would always say “Baby I Got You” and I would get just smile being a country girl like me who never experience anything like what he did for me I thought I was in paradise.

    But that all took a turn when basically you know, see when it comes to men and their egos they think they own the world, but see I wasn’t playing that. It’s good when you pay for me but not when you play me “Get it?”

    So I’m doing my duties in the kitchen and I get a telephone call from a woman saying “your man has been sleeping with me” and click goes the telephone. I was such in a state of anger and shock I didn’t want to do, so when he came home all happy and joyful he was I cooked his favorite dinner, added just a little”spiciness” let’s call it that, watched him eat it all up. 

    Then he goes sleep…forever hahahaha I take all his money might as well, and went on a joy ride. Soon after the police caught up to me and I was sadly accuse of murder, but he had it coming should’ve caught it in his pants.


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