The Prediction of 2099! 

   Ok so, this may not look like a story of what I’m about to tell you but it’s really about how I think it’s going to look like when 2099 comes, so I think in my opinion the USA well be no longer called that it’s going to be NA 2.0 and we’re going to be in the sky, the clouds are going to be our floors to walk on then our cars are going to be flying, it will be automatic and we won’t need wheels to drive with no more.                          

   Our houses will be all the same like other neighbors white on the outside and inside, but you have a chose of what size tall or short. We will still have streets by the way, pets will be robots in a robotic kind of way and technology like phones and computers will be on our arms instead of what were doing with them right now. When it comes to buying or paying things money won’t be an issue. For now on, your paying though gaming if you win with a game that has been chosen from the past your bills are paid and groceries are given to you as prize. Jobs won’t exist because we really won’t need it. 

     Humans will still stay and walk the streets. We won’t have a president or police you are that, you just gotta do whatever it takes to keep you and your love ones good and safe. It will be okay! but sadly the world will end as years go on and NA 2.0 will be wiped off the planet. But remember this if it happens, tell the world that I predicted this. I will be watching over you 


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