I’ve Been Kidnapped! 


    As I woke up seeing my arms tied, legs tapped together and my mouth shut I can’t help but to think how did I get here my parents were out, so they hired a man to babysit me not knowing what he was capable of kidnapping me.I tried calling for help but only silence responded back, I sat feeling hopeless meanwhile I can hear him coming down the stairs, I was so scared of what he would do next to me. He would comes down and just stares, touching, feeling and kissing me I started to cry again for I knew this man will kill me. He will come towards me reading stories from a child’s book and we will play house with his dolls. 

“This man is really crazy!” I said to myself

     After a long day of playing around he fell asleep, and that’s when I try to escape out the window. Halfway out the window he grabbed my leg, I struggled as he was trying to put me back in the house that’s when I kicked his face and he fell to the floor. I got out the window in a man seen me and called the police. The police tried to calm me down and the cops arrested my kidnapper. As they took him to the police car he looks at me with a smile and says “playtime’s is over” I was speechless as I seen the car drive off I’m just glad I made it out alive. 


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