The House on 55TH Street

By: Gabrielle Griffin


As you look at the house on 55th Street where a family lived there for a long time until one faithful night changed everything, the family had always had their ups and downs but nothing like this.

One day, a woman named Mary was married to a man named John they had 2 kids a boy and girl named William and Sally. John was a very successful business man working at “CBS” while Mary would be the housewife taking care of the kids. Things were going good until John came home angry, mad and drunk. He had just lost his job and he took it very hard due to the fact he’s been working there for 15 years.

He comes home, he told Mary everything but as much as she tried to comfort him he would hit, punch, and kick her in the face. As she seen blood running down her face she have had enough she checked to see if the kids were still sleeping she got the gun from the drawer and shot John in the head twice and he died. All Mary could see was the blood of her husband running down his body she started to cry.

She covered up the body with a blanket took the kids out the house put them in the car and left. Mary still couldn’t believe what she had done she kept crying and crying. “What’s wrong mommy?” the kids said. Mary shouted “Shutup” looking at them not paying attention Mary swerve off the road into the water where both her and the kids died.

Police came to gather all the bodies together and the house on 55th street was back on sale. A new family had brought it and lived in it. They would always hear strange noises at night screams and a loud gun shot. They would always see John in the mirror with the bullet still in his head throwing grass at them. The family have had enough and left.

The house was back on the market where it’s reminds forever. Some say you can see John standing in the window waving and moving his fingers up and down wanting you to come in, but no more dared go in the house on 55th Street.


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