The Mean Old Woman

By: Gabrielle Griffin

         As you see me lay in my cell in my white sheets wrapped around me I can still hear the mean old woman voice inside my head. Why? You say! Well I’ll tell you a tale of Why? I was taking care of an old woman named Ms. Marilyn Johnson to make a couple of bucks to put in my pocket.

Every time I thought I was doing something right, it was always wrong she would throw plates, kick, scream, yell and swear at me, but I held it together with a smile and fixed it until it was right. Days go by doing the daily routine like cooking and cleaning for the old woman then the phone rings, it’s a family member trying to check on her to see if I’m doing okay was her. As her voice echoed around the house I can hear everything “this stupid black girl don’t know how to do nothing” I heard coming out her mouth.

The mug I had in my hand fell to the floor, and on that day I was plotting my revenge. Came night fall I grabbed the kitchen butcher knife off the corner, went into her bedroom and stabbed her 9 times in the chest with a huge grin on my face I was so happy I did it laughing hysterically I didn’t have to deal with her no more. As I ditched the woman’s body in the basement I lighted a cigarette and smoked away the last one I had today then there was a sudden knock at the door.

I opened it and there were officers saying that “a neighbor heard screaming coming from the house” as I was about to say something I couldn’t help but to hear the old woman voice after I killed her. I can hear the very statement she said about me on the phone earlier today. It kept getting louder and louder as I hit my head constantly on the wood wall, I kept screaming SHUTUP! SHUTUP! SHUTUP! YOURE DEAD! YOURE DEAD! I told the officers that I killed the woman because she wasn’t kind the police found the body and arrested me.

I was acquitted of all charges due to insanity, so now you know why I sit in this cell and still till this day I can still hear the woman’s voice inside my head where I would hear it forever.


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