What we Women Go Though!

By: Gabrielle Griffin


When I say “no means no” you

can understand me but your

in them pants it might say another



When I say “I’m not ready yet” you

Say “ok cool”, but in the back of your

mind your thinking what am I going

to tell the fellas.


When I say “I’m pageant” you say

“baby I got you” but tell friends

and family “that’s not my baby”

but I’m the one who let you take

my virginity on prom night I thought

you loved me.


When I say “I’m so sorry for cheating

on you” your quick to leave, but when

you cheat I’m supposed to forgive and



Ladies know that your beautiful and

need to be treated in the right manner

that God put you on this earth for, and men

behave yourself. “You reap what you sow”


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