Honeymoon Vacation


A family that was so happy and in love they went on a honeymoon vacation after they were married. So as they were driving they spotted a guy who needed a ride. Being the nice couple they we’re they gave him a ride “Thanks guys I appreciate it” the stranger said “It’s cool no problem” said the wife. As they started driving the stranger made conversation. “So where are you guys handed” “Atlanta we just got married and were on our honeymoon” the husband said “Oh really!” the stranger said happily

“I wanted to head over their also”

“That’s great” said the couple

“Do you know a hotel we can stay at?”

“Yes I do” said the stranger

“My friends owns one in the city I can try to hook you guys up”

The happy couple was so excited “Thanks” they said

“No problem” the stranger said with a smile “It’s the least I can do for you guy”

After driving for so long they finally made it to the hotel it wasn’t like any other hotel they usually stayed in, but they were still ok with it. The friend that the stranger mentioned came out helped with the bags, signed them in and off to the room they went. When they got into their rooms to get settled a crazy person jumps out from the bathroom ceiling and tries to kill them as the couple tries to defend themselves they ended up getting cuts and bruises but still survived. As they got out the hotel they noticed that there car was gone, so they ran down the street to get help. They noticed a gas station and told them to call 911 which they did. Police came and everybody was okay, but they were no sign of the men the couple described to them I think that will be the last time they will ever pick somebody up again.


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