He Won’t Come Out of the Closet!


In a room there is a boy, a boy who lives in his closet who would never come out because he thinks no one would like him. I would have conversions with the boy like “How are you?” and “why won’t you come out?” I would check on him every now and then he would still be in that closet in the corner with his back turned to the wall. Then one day I said “Hey! I still love you and if I do then everybody else would, so just give it a chance” the boy turned around and smiled and he finally came out after years of being in that closet. He walked up to his mother and father to say “I’m gay” the family looked, took a long pause and said “we know son we still love you”. The family got up and gave their son the biggest hug ever I was happy that he finally came out of the closet.


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