Hoping My Life….   When I was a kid I always hoped that my life was be better then how I’m living now, like who wants to live with there parents when I can have my own place, what’s the point of begging when I can go out there and work and why do I have to take the bus I want my own car it’s too cold/hot to be sitting around there waiting. So I just dream and hope that things would workout for the best and until then, I have to keep living this reality until it comes. Live with my parents until I find that great job/apartment/car and when I get it it’s going to be great. 



Black Lives Matter

As I turn on the news 

on it’s like my people 

are always in the wrong 

of something so petty, foolish 

or ridiculous and has to be killed

or thrown in jail, but it looks like

billy got probation…HA! that’s funny 

“All man are created equal” but why 

are we treated so differently?

Stay Woke! 

Be Careful! 

I’m so Hungover

I can feel my head thumping

though my skull as I try to get 

up from a long night of…i have 

no idea but I knew it had to be a

fun night god I have never been 

this hungover

Let’s Travel


Paris let’s fly across 

the world Mexico,

Jamaica or Hawaii 

we can sail our way in the

islands, forget about 

your problems don’t look 

back, just relax 

I Got You Baby!    So I met this guy right? And he was pretty rich,cute and sexy he worked for billion dollar companies and the checks would be rolling in. He would give me whatever I wanted and go places where I wanted to go, he would always say “Baby I Got You” and I would get just smile being a country girl like me who never experience anything like what he did for me I thought I was in paradise.

    But that all took a turn when basically you know, see when it comes to men and their egos they think they own the world, but see I wasn’t playing that. It’s good when you pay for me but not when you play me “Get it?”

    So I’m doing my duties in the kitchen and I get a telephone call from a woman saying “your man has been sleeping with me” and click goes the telephone. I was such in a state of anger and shock I didn’t want to do, so when he came home all happy and joyful he was I cooked his favorite dinner, added just a little”spiciness” let’s call it that, watched him eat it all up. 

    Then he goes sleep…forever hahahaha I take all his money might as well, and went on a joy ride. Soon after the police caught up to me and I was sadly accuse of murder, but he had it coming should’ve caught it in his pants.

Laugh to Keep from Crying

Life may have its ups and downs

and you just want to cry about it

but why not laugh, the more you laugh 

the less you think about the situation, so

crack a smile it’s not the end of the world

gotta laugh to keep from crying

I’m Young

When your young 

you can do whatever you 

want you bones are good

and your body is hot, the

energy is high and your

spirit is very joyful,

you can get away with anything 

because your young, so enjoy

while you still can 

Freedom!     All I do is seat here in my cage trapped and just feeling not wanted I did everything right but yet I still feel trapped, why is that? Is it because of my skin color, weight or sense of thinking that you may not approve of, so you keep me from my freedom of doing anything that may make you look bad “I need to break” I say “I gotta get out of here” so I kicked all bars and just start to run, they tried to stop me but they can’t for I am free to do whatever I want. To preach, speak and talk, you may try to stop me but I’ll keep going. The strength I have is a lot better then you will ever have, I’m a keep going 

Be You!

Be the best person 

you can be in this world

go make changes, go see 

the world and enjoy, be kind,

smart and never get upset 

over little things society tells 

you to be, just be you