Can Get A Smile?

 I don’t mean to be such a burden 

Can I get a smile?

Im sorry for the way I am 

Can I get a smile?

I really didn’t mean to say the things I said

Can I get a smile?

I really didnt mean to do the things I do

Can I get a smile? 

Please don’t come with negativity 

Can I get a smile?

I just want peace, why be so mean 

Can I get a smile?

I want to die 

Can I get a knife?

But wait what about that smile, ahh their it is 



I wanna, I gotta, I have 

to have it now, people always

question themselves like why won’t things 

happen so immediately like it happened

for others, when it comes to life you have 

to be patient it may not come when you want 

it but it’s right there calling for you, just wait 

and carry on it will come eventually

Get In The CarGoing for a walk like I always do on the weekends after a long work week, I was about to get in my car and then he honks for me and keeps honking his horn to get my attention but I was worried but the more I ignored he would keep honking that horn, so I went over to see what was going on. I walked over and it was him, nobody knows who he is but it’s him and once you see him you got to listen. He looked and said “get into the car” so I got in I have heard stories about him and what he does I was so scared, but when I got a good look at him everything went black

College life

For 4 years I have to deal with

crazy parties that would have me

falling on the floor, talking to boys and getting 

them to like me, telling my roommate to keep it 

down because I’m trying to study, trying

my best to impress teachers when it comes

to doing there homework and passing test 

dealing with finals was stressful but after all that 

I get my crown and my gown as people stand 

and clap for me with tears running down my 

face…I MADE IT! 


As I look into the mirror

I see my beauty from inside

and out my reflection as it

reveals everything my eyes 

as they sparkle with strength,

my face as it shines with confidence 

and a hard stare at myself that saids I love you

The Family I Never Knew     My mother died when I was 16 years old and I had to go leave with my dad I hardly knew him he was very absence in my life and now I have to live with him, “ugh” I say looking in complete disgust. So I pulled up to the house of course he’s has a good success life nice house, car, and new family I really don’t feel like being here. I was greeted with hellos but never responded back spent all day in my room didn’t wanna be bothered with nobody, just mostly came down for dinner and just went back in my room. Rebecca aka step mother would try to work things out with me but I wasn’t hearing it, so I just sat. I just felt hurt,angry and confused I just wanted to die I mean first my mom now this my heart can’t take it, so I just took a bath and never woke up 

My Dog

He barks hello and 

wiggles his tail of excitement 

ain’t no better friend like a dog

makes you happy though sad

times and tries to protect you 

from stranger, fight or die for you

yeah that’s what my dog do


He lived, He healed 

and sacrifice his life 

for us, so we can be who

we are today, I praise you lord

for all the miracles and strength 

you have given me, even though

things don’t go the way they should

you give me the faith that one day 

it will all turn around 

My Bed

How I love to cuddle 

up to you after a long day

of hard labor, you feel so good

that it makes it hard to leave from you 

all the anger inside me every time I leave

your side, but when I come back your

always mine 

Wanted: NEW ROOMMATE!     Hey I’m looking for a roommate to help around with the house and pay the bills, I hope your interested? We will have lots of fun but I must warn I’m a little off I just escaped from coco nest, but I’m not crazy OK! GET IT! Another thing, you can’t have tv it works on my nerves, your phone needs to be on silent always or I will for some reason stab you lol my little ticks, but nothing to worry about. Never thing, nobody can’t over I hate having company over because I don’t like being bothered and another little thing if you ever call them on me I will nail your hand to the wall. GREAT LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU! 

    CALL ME: 1-444-IM-NOT-CRAZY!